Bravo! Festival: Fabsurdia


Krepsko Theatre Group: Fabsurdia (Finland-Czech)

Sat 23.3 at 2 pm. Kaupunkikulttuurikeskus Mosaiikki, Kivis Shopping Centre 2. floor, Vantaankoskentie 69, Vantaa


Age recommendation 3+.

Duration approx. 40 min.

Tickets: 6€

Welcome to Fabsurdia, a place where everything strange is possible. In Fabsurdia, stories start, turn and twist. Fabsurdia resonates, delights and inspires.

Fabsurdia is a visual rhyme flowing forward to its own rhythm, sometimes rhyming with what has gone before but always suggesting something new.

Fabsurdia is a wordless theatre performance suitable for all ages.

Premiere 16th November 2023 in Nukketeatteritalo, Helsinki.

Working group: Mayim Alpert, Linnea Happonen, Nuutti Happonen, Philip Holm, Anisia Kronidova, Pavel Semchenko

The performance is part of the Bravo! festival. See the festival programme at and


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